I’m an attorney and mediator with an office in Monroe, Michigan. I concentrate in criminal law, family law, and bankruptcy. You will notice that I have attached to this page a few blogs: Monroe Lawyer pertains to criminal defense. Monroe Family Lawyer contains family law information. And, Monroe Mediator addresses the practice of mediation. I have chosen to not develop a blog on bankruptcy at this point, but I might make one in the future.

This blawg and its contents are not legal advice; none of it is intended to create an attorney-client relationship. The posts are of a general nature and intended to inform and entertain. If you want legal advice, it has to be based on your individual situation and how the law applies to that particular situation. I cannot and will not give legal advice without having three things: 1) your fact specific information, 2) a signed engagement agreement, and 3) payment of my engagement fee.

Also, please note that if you want legal advice you must contact my office to schedule a consultation. Do not use the comment section to air your private matters; it is a public forum for all the world to see.


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