Kurt Haskell for Congress

Kurt Haskell wants to run for US Congress for the 7th Congressional District. He’s married to a former law school classmate of mine, Lori Haskell. I got the chance to speak with him last night. Here is what I learned:

He’s a Democrat. He supports the power of working people to collaborate through the collective bargaining process to improve their lives. He’s an advocate for them. He recognizes that too much policy puts corporate interests over the interests of every day working people. The government bails out Wall Street, but puts bandaids on the foreclosure problems that run working-class Americans into the ground.

He has some interesting ideas about how to address the student loan crisis. He explained that increases in tuition, the high demand for college degrees, and the current student loan system – when coupled with the poor job market – leads to a whole new class of working poor. People go to college to better their economic situation; not to end up as indentured servants to the student loan barons.

Kurt wants to revamp the legislation around the Federal Student Loan Program to help graduates. For more detail, contact him at http://www.kurthaskellforcongress.com/index.html.

Kurt is very approachable. He listens. If you want to provide feedback to him, discuss ideas, or arrange to sign his petition* follow the link below.

*Petition signers must be registered voters in one of the following counties: Monroe, Lenawee, Jackson, Eaton, Hillsdale, Branch, and parts of Washtenaw.



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